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DOW BETASEAL 1580 12 x 420ml Sausage Kit

£72.50 + VAT


Code: WS014

Windscreen Fitting Adhesive. 
For activator, please order with WP011 

30-Minute Minimum Drive Away Time, With Reduced Processing Steps and No Preheating
BETASEAL™ 1580 adhesive from Dow Automotive Systems is the first cold-applied 1-K PU glass bonding adhesive offering 30-minute minimum drive-away time – even on cars with dual airbags. It is formulated for today’s use of glass as a high-strength structural component, with Dow’s new accelerated isotropic network structure (AINS). AINS is the backbone for all of Dow’s new aftermarket formulations. This new chemistry allows our adhesive technology unprecedented link-up and strength while the adhesive is in a partially cured state, and a partial- adhesion-promoting package allows application of BETASEAL 1580 adhesive directly on a sound, secured polyurethane cut bead without a primer or activator. It offers proven performance based on sophisticated computer simulations, an extensive test program in our state-of-the-art testing facilities, and actual crash testing conducted by independent testing company TÜV.

Increased Productivity
The simplified BETASEAL 1580 adhesive system makes the job easier. Benefits include:
• 30-minute minimum drive away time
• Primerless to the fresh PU cut-back bead (within two hours)
• Works on all vehicles at virtually any ambient temperature from -5 °C to 45 °C
• No preheating necessary (with professional dispensers) – adhesive is easy to apply even at temperatures near 0 °C
• Long working time of 15 minutes, high initial green strength and great decking stability for use on larger, cross-curved glass
• Very good non-sag properties and short cut-off string
• Satisfies OEM specifi cations and recommendations
• Non-conductive for use on windscreens with radio and satellite navigation antennas, heads-up displays, rain sensors, heating and demisting systems or electrochromic systems
• High modulus formula for use on today’s vehicles, where as much as 40 percent of the structural integrity is derived from the glass


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